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Assortment of white and yellow envelopes
2 min read

Getting verified on Gmail and Apple Mail

Using an S/MIME certificate, you can get a verified check mark next to your name in Gmail, Apple Mail, and more.

Photo of an Apple store
7 min read

Thoughts on Sideloading

Apple has announced that they will allow sideloading apps on iOS... sort of. Here are my thoughts on the matter.

Abstract purple metallic arches
2 min read

Creating blur placeholders for Next.js images

A simple guide to create blur placeholders for Next.js images, using sharp.

A metallic rainbow artwork on a black background.
3 min read

WWDC 2023 Wishlist

From RCS to custom app icons, here's everything I hope Apple will announce at WWDC on June 5th.

An abstract grid of spheres rising and falling into a grid of circular holes beneath.
2 min read

Artificial Intelligence and the Copyright Question

Generative AIs are blowing up, but their legality from a copyright standpoint isn't yet defined.

Abstract waves with purple lighting.
2 min read

Rebuilding my website

I rebuilt my website using Next.js, Tailwind CSS, and Contentlayer.